$43,000 in Cash Prizes in ALOHA’s 2nd Kid’s National Math Competition; Sign up Thru Feb.12, 2018

2017 ALOHA National Math Challenge winners

Parents can sign up their children (grades 1-6) to participate in 2018 ALOHA National Math Challenge with $43,000 in cash prizes. Sign up through Feb.12, 2018. This math test-based competition for kids, is open to all students in grades 1-6, not just those enrolled in an ALOHA Math or Reading | Writing program.class; click for more info.

The preliminary test round for the 2018 ALOHA National Math Challenge is on March 10, 2018. The 2018 Challenge features three separate age categories with 5 cash prizes in each. Each student will compete within their age group across three rounds of testing with the finals held in Edison NJ in the spring of 2018. Click/tap here to register*. Registration fee for contest: For active ALOHA students: $45 for the first child; sibling discounts available. For ALOHA non-members, $60; sibling discounts available. Registration is open through February 12, 2018. Beginning Feb 10th, weekly questions for each category will be posted online until preliminary test begins in March for participants to solve and to familiarize themselves with the type of questions in the challenge. Come back and visit https://alohamathchallenge.com/ on Feb 10th.

How will This National Math Challenge Work?

Students will compete in three categories: Pre-Jr: grades 1& 2; Jr: grades 3 & 4 and Sr: grades 5 & 6. This year the math challenge is open to all students, not just to those enrolled in an ALOHA program*. Children will be tested based on their grade level and will involve competitive math type questions. Students will not be allowed to use calculators or an abacus. Scratch note paper and pencils will be allowed.

ALOHA Mind Math National Challenge Prizes:

Pre-Junior Challenge (Grades 1-2, Ages 6-7)

1st Prize: $5,000; 2nd Prize: $2,000; 3rd Prize: $1,000; 4th Prize: $750; 5th Prize: $500.

Junior Challenge (Grades 3-4, Ages 8-9)

1st Prize: $7,500; 2nd Prize: $3,000; 3rd Prize: $1,500; 4th Prize: $1,000; 5th Prize: $750.

Senior Challenge (Grades 5-6, Ages 10-11)

1st Prize: $10,000; 2nd Prize: $5,000; 3rd Prize: $2,500; 4th Prize: $1,500; 5th Prize: $1,000.

Over 1,100 students participated in the 2017 ALOHA Nation math challenge which was only open to ALOHA students. This year’s competition is open to all students…

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