40 years of Page Six: The best tales of NY

Over the 40 years that Page Six has cataloged New York’s stars — as well as its heroes, zeros, moguls, models, miscreants, chiefs, chefs, rogues, renegades, pols, publishers, playboys, shortstops, socialites and every bash, brouhaha, bottle brawl, soiree and red carpet in between — the real star of our column has always been the city itself. From the opening of Studio 54 in 1977 — the same year we launched — to the closing of the Four Seasons restaurant last year, when patrons partied in its pool, Page Six has taken readers inside the velvet ropes and to haunts high and low that play home to boldface names. Whether it’s impossible-to-get-into Rao’s or Elaine’s, Bungalow 8, 1Oak, the Waverly Inn or tomorrow’s next hot spot, Page Six takes you there daily. (If we don’t know the owner, we know the door guy and everyone inside. Or at least the location of that hidden side entrance. Plus, we’ve got these handy Page Six disguise kits. But we kid. Or do we?) Page Six also has provided its unique take on the events that have shaped our city — from the ’77 blackout to Hurricane Sandy. One of the rare days that Page Six did not publish in 40 years? The day after 9/11.


JFK Jr. was once known as the city’s most eligible bachleor. But years earlier, the presidential scion could get down and dirty. According to a Nov. 9, 1984, Page Six item — well before Kennedy married Carolyn Bessette — he was seen with a girlfriend renting videos for his Betamax. “John and his girlfriend Sally Munro stopped by the Video 83 shop in the King Karol record store on Third Avenue near 85th Street in the afternoon of the New York Marathon and picked out a couple of films,” read the item. “The first was ‘Broadway Danny Rose.’ The second? He asked, ‘Do you have any adult titles that aren’t VHS?’” a sales clerk told Page Six at the time. The video store clerk continued, “I showed him the list. He asked [Munro] to pick one out. She closed her eyes and pointed and that was it.” The film her finger landed on? “Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s.” Page Six informed any unfamiliar readers at the time that the plot “is summarized in catalogues as: ‘With Jim’s wedding day drawing near, his friends decide to give him a bachelor bash he’ll never forget. The formula for fun is complete when they team up with four frisky, well-endowed strippers who’ll do anything for a good time.’” The report added, “John…

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