4 Ways to Improve Performance Marketing on Facebook

The Facebook is an emerging social media networking site that has occupied an important place in marketing strategies. It is because industries and businesses use it to as a marketing channel and now, are looking for the ways to improve upon conversion rates. Experts are looking for the best practices to adopt in order to improve performance marketing on Facebook.

Let’s discuss about four simple strategies that can do wonders to businesses via Facebook.

Ad Placement: Marketers place domain ads on right hand side of the page. These ads can be placed on various locations on a Facebook page and may lead to higher conversion rates. The study has brought to light that ads placed on person’s newsfeed are about eight times more engaging than those placed on right hand side. It has been noticed that variation along with quality content and images brings in superb results for marketers.

Choose Your Format Carefully: There are a variety of ad formats that can be used in person’s newsfeed. These formats affect conversion rate. Photo page ads are specifically designed for newsfeed, as they grab attention and hence, transmit the short and bold messages effectively. Even shortened URLs are useful here. Link page ads can be fruitful in cases when images do not get the message across. Sponsored stories are also believed to be engaging, as they come from friends. It is to ask individual to promote though activity, like liking a page or following a link. There are mobile application installation ads that are formulated to instigate users to install or download applications. The main aim of these ads is to increase application use.

Choose the format that could help you go viral.

Choose the Right Targeting Tools: As it is important to target right audience, it is equally important to choose right targeting tool to promote the business. The technique of custom targeting is deemed to be fruitful in case of remarketing, as you can use information you know about customers…

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