4 Things You Can Use To Make Hoop Earrings

When talking fashion jewelry, hoop earrings are definitely stylish and a great accessory to just about any outfit. You can find hoops in virtually any size and shape. For those of you who are into jewelry crafts, making these is not as difficult as you may think. Making hoops is a relatively easy and fun craft project. Plus, you can add to your existing fashion accessories. Here are four things you can use to make your own.

Gold Or Silver Beading Wire

Beading wire comes in a variety of styles, some better looking than others. If you will be having some of the wire exposed in your finished product, you want it to look good. Don’t forget that if some of the wire is going to show, you want to choose a good thickness also. Either gold or silver looks good on its own. You can create a nice, elegant look with both. When using beading wire, you are most likely adding some type of bead to the earring. You can create all sorts of designs. When finished add your earring finding, and you will have a great pair of hoop earrings.


Many people who wear hoop earrings might not think of wearing a leather pair. You can create some very nice earrings using simple leather cord. The cord comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses and will make a great set of earrings. Leather can also be used in conjunction with other materials to construct earrings. A colored leather cord can be decorated with a few beads or some type of pendant and turn out great. Leather could also be added to an existing gold or silver hoop making the metal more of an accent.

Various Fabrics

Much like leather, you can construct very fashionable hoop earrings out of fabric. The fabric could make the hoop itself or the fabric could be used with another material to create the finished product. When choosing fabric, you want to choose those types that are very sturdy. The fabric hoops can be dressed up with a simple charm or bead. The resulting piece is subtle, yet elegant. Where you can really make…

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