4 Methods to Prevent Mould Growth in Your Storage Items

Moulds are part of the fungi family and they are neither plants nor animals. They are simply organisms that feed on decaying matters. Small amounts of moulds are harmless to humans but when they start to replicate and grow in large numbers, they can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Moisture is often the cause of most mould growth. Therefore, if you have unstoppable mould growth in your home, it’s a sign of excess moisture and you need to take preventive measures against it. So let’s discuss about some of the best methods to prevent mould growth by keeping your home clean and dry.

Use mould resistant paints

The easiest method is the use mould resistant paints for your wall especially those in the kitchen and toilets. Mould resistant walls are anti-bacterial and the component inside it will help to destroy any existing ones too. Prevention is better than cure and mould resistant walls should always be the first step you make.

Check for water leakage

Water leakage is a common problem in households especially those that are older. If you have noticed, mould growth is often in places such as your bathroom or kitchen where there are water pipes and extensive usage of water. You will hardly find mould in your bedroom or living room. Ensure that the area around your pipes is not leaking and if they are, call the handyman immediately to rectify the issue.

Dry out wet places immediately

As mentioned above, moisture is the main cause of mould growth. Therefore, you should always dry out wet places immediately. If you accidently spill drinks onto the carpet, make an attempt to dry it out with a microfiber cloth instantly. Do not wait till some time later or you risk having the moisture seep deeper and wider into the fabric. Another habit of most people is that they tend to leave washed clothes in the washing machine due to a lack of drying space in our homes. The wet and warm conditions inside the washing machine are the best combination for rapid mould…

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