4 Jewelry Making Ideas That Use Leather Cord

There are many ways use you can use leather cord in some of your jewelry making. This type of stringing material is soft and gives off a natural look. For those into a more “earthy” look, you may consider this. It also is very durable and ages well. You will also be able to choose from some different styles – round, braided, and suede, for example. Here are four jewelry making ideas using this type of cord.

The Necklace

The leather cord necklace is very popular, especially among men. It is very stylish and comfortable to wear. As far as design goes, they are numerous. You can do a beaded necklaces on cord that will look great. Attaching pendants, sometimes in combination with beads, is also a popular choice. Since these necklaces are popular with men, you can attach things like arrowheads or cut stone to them. The leather is wrapped around the arrowhead pendant creating a very masculine, rugged look. With these types of necklaces, your stringing material, the cord, is going to show so keep that in mind. Choose from some of the more stylish versions like braided ones or even use multiple strands when making your necklace.

The Bracelet

Bracelets are always fun to create and using leather cord opens up a wealth of possibilities. Remember that the cord you use comes in different diameters. You can still do beaded bracelets that are very fashionable even though you are not using wire stringing material. A popular idea is to use multiple strands of cord in the making of the bracelet. The strands can be beaded or just plain and make a great fashion statement. When you are using this type of cord, sometimes less is more as far as decoration goes. These bracelets look very good with minimal additions.

The Earrings

While maybe not as common or popular as necklaces and bracelets, earrings made from leather cord are very fashionable. There are many different designs that you could create. Working with leather is a little different than working with beading wire, but…

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