3WISHES.COM Puts the Spotlight on Leading Lingerie Designer Mapale

Mapale Brand

Like our many customers all over the world, we truly love fashion and lingerie

With the global fashion market now worth an estimated $3 trillion annually, spending on lingerie accounts for well over $80 billion of that total each year, according to research compiled by Statista. Since its 1998 founding, 3WISHES.COM has become one of the world’s top online lingerie retailers, growing from a kitchen-table business into a truly global, North Carolina based presence along the way.

With so many lingerie buyers and wearers appreciating the excitement that Latin inspired designs and styles can deliver, 3WISHES.COM is now putting the spotlight on Mapalé. Ever since its 1999 launch, the Miami-based company has captivated lingerie lovers with its unique talent for spicing up South Beach-style fashion with influences from South America. Mapalé Products emerging from production lines in Colombia regularly rank among the best-selling 3WISHES Lingerie of all. With a huge selection of fashion, resort wear, and lingerie wear available, 3WISHES.COM shoppers can even, for a limited time, score a free pair of boy shorts with each Mapalé purchase.

“Like our many customers all over the world, we truly love fashion and lingerie,” said 3WISHES.COM Vice President Steven Spatola. “It’s always a pleasure to stock and sell great new products from a brand as passionate about fashion as we are, and Mapalé is very much one of our favorites. Mapalé burst onto the scene in 1999, a year after we opened our own doors, and has been thriving and growing ever since. We’re happy to report that we have dozens of Mapalé’s most popular items now in stock, with many on sale, as well. We’ve also just published a new Mapalé brand spotlight at…

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