3Must-Have’s for SuccessfullyImplementing Franchise Software for Your Business

If you own a franchise or a multi- chain business and have big plans for its expansion, you would have undoubtedly evaluated the implementation of franchise software as part of the overall business plan. Whether you choose to build your own franchise intranet, hire a web consultant to do so or buy a ready- to- use franchise software the key to its successful implementation hinges on final user adoption. In other words, are your employees convinced of its benefit for their productivity, is the software easy to use and can it be implemented without major disruption of business over extended periods of time?

Factors crucial to the success of a franchise intranet platform

Buy-in of stakeholders in the organization:Remember a franchise business is only as strong as its weakest link and therefore a buy-in from internal stakeholders on the benefits of the franchise software is essential.Expectations from the system from the various stakeholders (operations, logistics, sales, human resources and marketing)as well as the impact of the implementation of the intended franchise software on their functioning should be tabled upfront.Franchisees will also have to be convinced on the benefits of the proposed software; this means sending exciting e-mailers, newsletters, holding meetings and regional conventions if need be.

Training and franchisee participation:Let’s face it most of us find systems and new technologies daunting. Simply updating the system manual on the new hi-tech intranet is likely to drown franchisees in a sea of information! The last thing a business needs is the system slowing people down, impacting productivity and leading to ‘unaccounted’ for losses in revenue. Instead developing learning modules for specific groups and staggering training sessions should be the way to go. Tracking franchisee participation by monitoring system usage and reaching out to infrequent users will help drive acceptance.

Franchisee support: This cannot be stressed enough….

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