38 Odd Jobs That No Longer Exist

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Every morning in the 1950s, like clockwork, the milkman would deliver bottles and jugs filled to the brim with milk. If you were lucky, sometimes he would even deliver other kitchen essentials like eggs and butter. With the rise of home refrigeration the milk stayed, but the profession expired. Maybe if they delivered cookies too, milkmen would’ve had a better chance?

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Elevator Operator

Elevators didn’t always move with the simple push of a button. Back in the day, elevator operators were in charge of controlling everything from the doors and direction to the speed and capacity of the elevator car — a lot of layers, or should we say levels, to the position. In the ’50s, automatic elevators became more common and individuals had to push their own button.

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Not computer hackers, but tree hackers. Hackers were known as woodcutters and were axed, yet again, due to technological advancements.

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Linotype Operator

Life without a backspace?! Hard to imagine, but former linotype operators definitely can. These highly skilled workers used the linotype, a hot metal typesetting system, to produce the daily newspaper in the late 1880s. Phototypesetting was created in the early 1960s and rapidly replaced all operator positions.

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Gandy Dancer

A Gandy Dancer actually has nothing to do with real dancing. The title is slang for a railroad worker who maintained the tracks years before the work was done by machines.

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Chimney Sweep

This job has been around for hundreds of years, peaking during the Industrial Revolution and then falling into a steep decline after the adoption of electric and gas alternatives. Fun fact: Door-to-door chimney sweeps were called knellers.

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If you’ve seen ‘Hidden Figures‘, then you know what a computer is — and no, it’s not the technology that you’re on right now. Dating back to the early 17th century, computers, usually women, would calculate figures and crunch numbers all day…

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