360Skylar Receives Silver Certification from OPSWAT

We are pleased that our product is now awarded the Silver Certification. The recognition from OPSWAT gives us confidence and encouragement to not only focus on specific security threat protection but to build enterprise information security environments.

The OPSWAT Certified Security Application Program has awarded Silver certification to 360Skylar, a product from 360 Enterprise Security Group, for Anti-malware. Originally launched in 2007, OPSWAT’s certification program currently supports over 1,000 applications from various anti-malware engines to ensure their compatibility with all leading access control solutions, their detection quality, and their false positive responsiveness.

In today’s age of cloud computing and big data, 360Skylar provides users with multi-level, multi-dimensional, and systematic in-depth defense solutions to help users improve the comprehensive response to new security threats and ensure truly effective security. 360 Enterprise Security Group is building a new set of endpoint security management systems to face future challenges from malware threats, undetected malicious code execution, and APT attacks against enterprises and institutions.

OPSWAT awarded certification to 360 Enterprise Security Group after determining that 360Skylar met a number of strict criteria for compatibility. OPSWAT will list 360Skylar as a Silver certified security application on OPSWAT.com.

OPSWAT initially developed the Certified Security Application Program in 2007 after compiling compatibility requirements from over 50 OPSWAT OEM customers, including industry-leading NAC, CASB, SSO, and SSL-VPN solutions from vendors such as Citrix, Pulse Secure, Cisco, IBM, and Dell. The certification program is meant to help IT administrators…

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