3 years after moving in, homebuyer can finally call backyard his own – Nova Scotia

Nearly three years after settling into his first home, a Nova Scotia man can finally enjoy his backyard knowing that he actually owns it.

Ryan Manning of Salmon River has spent the past nine months trying to figure out how he bought a house only to discover its backyard, shed and part of the deck technically belonged to someone else.

“I’m feeling relieved,” Manning told CBC News on Thursday.

“[It] feels 10 times better to know that something that’s been going on for so long has finally come to a resolution and one that I can live with.”

The knock at the door

Manning bought the duplex — a foreclosed property at 8 Miller Rd. outside Truro — in September 2014 and moved into the fixer-upper.

Last fall, a stranger named Cory Wood knocked on his door and told Manning he didn’t own the backyard, the shed or part of his deck. Wood offered to sell it to him. 

Manning was shocked because the property was fenced and the listing’s real-estate agent had told him the fence was his boundary. The original listing also included a picture of the backyard. He was even given the keys to the shed when the purchase was finalized.

Manning now owns the shed and the backyard where it sits. (Yvonne Colbert/CBC)

But when Manning checked, he learned the house and backyard were two separate parcels of land and Wood did indeed own the backyard.

Manning didn’t have the money to buy the land from Wood and spent six months trying to get help from everyone who was involved in the purchase, including the listing agent and the law firm. With no result in sight, he turned to CBC News.

‘Unbelievably happy’

After CBC News contacted Patterson Law earlier this month, the firm worked with Manning and ReMax Fairlane Realty to purchase the property from Wood and transfer its full ownership at no cost to Manning.

The amount paid has not been disclosed. Other associated fees were also handled by the law and real-estate firms.

On Wednesday, Manning signed…

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