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Málaga, Spain

Panama is outside the hurricane belt and while we can see periods of high heat and humidity, the average temperature on the coast is about 88F during the day and 78F at night—breezy yet warm.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“There are lots of reasons San Miguel de Allende, Mexico tops so many travel-magazine ‘must visit’ lists—from its beauty and charm to the warmth of the people,” says IL Senior Editor, Suzan Haskins.

“It helps, of course, that San Miguel sits in this perfect little vortex where you can enjoy a really delightful climate…never too hot or too cold. And as those who live there will tell you, there’s no fear of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and certainly not snowstorms. It doesn’t get much better.”

Because San Miguel is in the Colonial Highlands, the air is crisp and clean, further enticing U.S. citizens. The climate is temperate year-round, staying in the 70s F most days and cooling down at night to the 50s F. Only in January and February do temperatures get cooler.

Expats make up about 10% of the town’s 70,000 residents. These days, the population swells during the North American winter, when Canadian, American, and European “snowbirds” flock to town for the great climate and sophisticated cultural diversions.

San Miguel, founded in 1541, boasts a colorful, well-restored historic center that looks much as it did 250 years ago. In 2008, San Miguel was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City, in fact.

Its colonial centro is a massive draw, but that appeal goes hand in hand with a low cost of living, a great focus on the arts—the city attracts world-class writers, artists, and musicians—and, of course, mild weather year-round.

Coronado, Panama

Coronado, a popular beach town on Panama’s Pacific, is on the Arco Seco or ‘Dry Arch’ stretch of coastline, so named because of the remarkably low rainfall it receives, which makes for good beach weather year-round.

Long a sun-soaked getaway for Panamanians, Coronado has, in recent years, attracted increasing numbers of expats and North American tourists.

“Panama is in the tropics, which means it’s humid and has an extended wet or ‘green’ season,” says IL Panama Editor,…

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