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Dodgers say it’s too early to measure themselves against Cubs – Orange County Register

Thursday, April 13th, 2017:

CHICAGO – The series at Wrigley Field this week had an October feel – and it wasn’t just the 40-degree temperatures or the constant reminders of last year’s postseason. There is also a sense that the Chicago Cubs and Dodgers will be eyeing themselves across the National League standings all season long with a reunion in another October inevitable. “I think you’re thinking too much,” Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal said. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner wasn’t ready to make too much of an April series either, regardless of the matchup. “It’s a long season. A lot of stuff happens,” Turner […] Read More →

There are bigger problems in education than could ever be fixed by a new generation of grammar schools

Thursday, April 13th, 2017:

Education Secretary Justine Greening’s decision to focus her attention on a deliberate expansion of selective schooling through an extension of the grammar system has proved, with a certain inevitability, to be controversial. Her critics warn that, rather than encourage social mobility, selection by academic ability always achieves the opposite.  Those who seek to benefit from the policy, they say, are those who already have the best of life chances, by virtue of the socioeconomic status and the cultural and academic interests of their parents. It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned the policy might be when made in Whitehall, the reality of […] Read More →

These handy medical devices are inspired by the ‘Star Trek’ tricorder

Thursday, April 13th, 2017:

Two hundred years from now, medical tricorders like the ones depicted in Star Trek will be as common as tongue depressors. They’ll be unremarkable, mobile tools on our SpaceX starships shuttling us back and forth to Mars. Diagnosing cancer will only take a single wave over our bodies with a palm-sized sensor. That’s the dream. The reality, best embodied in two XPRIZE Tricorder competition finalists, is that the devices are somewhat ungainly and they feature distinctly 21st century diagnostic equipment. They work with mobile phones, but don’t try hanging either one of them around your neck.  SEE ALSO: IBM’s Watson […] Read More →

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