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Adult swaddling therapy fad hits Tokyo | Reuters

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017:

TOKYO Wrapped up from head to toe in a white bag and gently rocking from side to side, five Japanese mothers are hopeful Tokyo’s latest health trend can cure their post-pregnancy aches and pains. According to its exponents, Otonamaki, which translates as “adult wrapping”, was devised by a Kyoto midwife who thought replicating how children are swaddled at birth could help mothers overcome post labor shoulder and hip pain. The five mothers at a recent session in Tokyo lay on their backs with their knees on their chests bundled up in white cloths. Staff then helped them rock over cushions. […] Read More →

Extinct E.T.? Alien-Like Insect Found Trapped in Amber

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017:

The 100-million-year-old remains of an alien-looking female insect — complete with a triangular head and bulging eyes — have been discovered encased in a glob of hardened resin called amber. The tiny creature, now called Aethiocarenus burmanicus, did not land on Earth via spaceship, but rather lived in what are now mines in Hukawng Valley in Myanmar, the researchers said. There, hiding out in the miniscule cracks in tree bark, the insect may have hunted for mites, worms or fungi, the researchers added. Nearby, dinosaurs would have lumbered by, the scientists who discovered these remains said. In fact, the extinct […] Read More →

Trump state visit plans put queen in ‘difficult position’

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017:

LONDON –  The British government is holding fast to plans to invite U.S. President Donald Trump for a state visit even as protests mount. Peter Ricketts, a former head of the Foreign Office, said Tuesday the invitation has put Queen Elizabeth II in a “very difficult position” because of the furor surrounding Trump’s travel ban on refugees and people from some Muslim-majority countries. He said in a letter to The Times that the invitation to Trump was “ill-judged” and should not have been made until Trump had spent some years in office. The queen makes invitations to state visits on […] Read More →

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