USA TODAY Sports tracks every pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

After several trades and plenty of pre-draft chatter, the night is finally here.

Follow all of USA TODAY Sports’ NBA draft analysis here, featuring picks and grades from reporter Adi Joseph. We will be updating this file regularly as picks are filed and trades are confirmed.

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A word on the grades: Yes, we are aware that the quality of an NBA draft selection usually isn’t obvious for several years, let alone several minutes. But the goal here is to base grades on a prospect’s value at the given spot — for instance, a player predicted to go 15th might not be wise to take third — and the player’s fit within a team’s goals, system and positional needs.

With that said, here’s the NBA Draft pick order, which will be updated as each pick is made:

First round

1. Philadelphia 76ers: PG Markelle Fultz, Washington

There wasn’t really much doubt whom the 76ers were trading up for when they swapped picks with and gave a future first-rounder to the Boston Celtics. Fultz is a particularly great fit for Philadelphia because he can play off the ball more than many point guards, which will allow elite-passing forward Ben Simmons to run the offense and Joel Embiid to have many options in pick-and-rolls. Fultz is the most likely future star in this class, and he was the right choice at No. 1.

Grade: A

2. Los Angeles Lakers: PG Lonzo Ball, UCLA

The Lakers didn’t just take it easy and coast into this decision. They considered a lot of players, and they landed on the same conclusion we did: Ball was the best fit for their franchise. The trade of D’Angelo Russell ends any worries about fit and makes clear that the Lakers, who have a decent young core otherwise, will…