2017 Higher Ed Social Engagement Report Highlights the Strength of Colleges and Universities on Social Media

2017 Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report

“We listen, respond, and engage with our audience in efforts to match the enthusiasm of our campus, community, and the Lumberjack spirit on social media” -Maria DeCabooter, social media strategist at NAU

Rival IQ, the leader in social marketing analytics and insights, and Up&Up, a leading marketing agency for higher education, today announced the results of their second annual report on the effectiveness of social media across leading Division I universities in the United States through the “2017 Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report.” The study of 338 Division I colleges and universities reveals key insights and industry performance benchmarks across popular social media channels–including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram–and who is driving the most social media engagement. The report also ranks universities based on rates of engagement, illustrating which schools are most successful at engaging their audiences via social.

To create the report, Rival IQ leveraged their software to analyze 316k tweets, 170k Facebook posts, 79k Instagram posts from 338 Division I colleges and universities between August 2016 through May 2017. Using their expertise in marketing for higher education, Up&Up provided higher ed industry averages, ranked colleges and universities for social media engagement, and highlighted social media best practices in higher ed.

The top 5 overall colleges and universities for social media engagement are:

Northern Arizona University

University of South Carolina

James Madison University

University of Dayton

U.S. Military Academy

“Our social media presence is an extension of Lumberjack life,” said Maria DeCabooter, social…

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