2017 ezAccounting Business Software Has Been Updated With Flexible Tax Options

EzAccounting Business Software

ezAccounting business software from Halfpricesoft.com has been updated and released with flexible tax options for consumer accommodation.

Halfpricesoft.com developers have just updated ezAccounting 2017 software with more flexible tax options for new and current customers. Please review the link below on how to use the tax feature within the application. http://www.halfpricesoft.com/accounting/employee_tax_option.asp.

“ezAccounting business software from Halfpricesoft.com has been updated and released with flexible tax options for consumer accommodation.” Said Dr. Ge, the founder of Halfpricesoft.com.

EzAccounting software will easily process payroll and many other office tasks such as invoices, receipts, tracking expenses, etc . Potential customers can download and test the application for up to 30 days at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/accounting/accounting-software.asp.

ezAccounting offers a few of the following features:

Employee/Payroll Features

  • Built-in federal and 50 states tax tables
  • Unlimited employee
  • Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, State tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax and
  • Employer Unemployment Taxes
  • Supports local tax
  • Supports the options to withhold to extra federal and state taxes
  • Support 401k, retirement plan, insurance deductions and more
  • Flexible Pay Period: monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, biweekly and daily
  • Flexible Payment Type: Pay by Salary or Hourly Rate
  • Support bonus, commissions, tips, employers can add custom payment such as pay-by-piece, pay-by-load, pay-by-project, pay-by-mile and more
  • Support the differential pay rate for different shift or tasks
  • Print paycheck directly

Potential consumers can download and try this software at no cost or obligations for up to 30 days at: http://www.halfpricesoft.com/accounting/accounting-software.asp.

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