2017-2018 Mechanical Contracting Industry Survey Report

To analyze the survey results, respondents were divided by revenue range, allowing for greater analysis and distinguishability regarding the small, medium and large mechanical contracting businesses across a wide variety of questions.

From this survey, two reports were created:

Mechanical Contracting Industry Outlook

In the Mechanical Contracting Industry Outlook, respondents were surveyed on questions pertaining to their business outlook, predicted future costs, as well as forecasted sales and revenue, while being asked to provide their perception into how the mechanical contracting industry is growing, expanding, and evolving. Furthermore, responses were compared and contrasted with survey results from other trades to see how mechanical contractors stack up as compared to the rest of the construction industry.

Key Findings:

  •     Mechanical contractors expect revenue to grow and outpace the industry standard.
  •     Smaller mechanical contractors are having difficulty finding their footing.
  •     Large mechanical businesses are optimistic and growing, outpacing the industry standard.
  •     Mechanical contracting businesses are increasing prices to meet demands of rising industry costs.
  •     Technology is playing a bigger role for mechanical contractors as compared to the industry average.

Growth and Survival Guide for Mechanical Contractors

This report provides insight into the typical growth progression of a mechanical contractor, the challenges mechanical contracting business are facing today, as well as proven solutions for success. The Growth and Survival Guide for Mechanical Contractors also lists the top five trends within the mechanical contracting industry, speaking to the current strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement, as identified by mechanical contractors. Additionally, this guide looks at mechanical contracting companies across all revenue ranges that are thriving within the industry today, and how they achieved their success.

Key Findings:

  •     Leveraging mobile is difficult for everyone, but especially for large mechanical businesses.
  •     Mechanical contractors are having trouble retaining employees and keeping them satisfied.
  •     The mechanical contracting industry is…

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