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Populism, real and phony

Sunday, December 25th, 2016:

Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric may have included promises to keep Medicare and Social Security intact and replace Obamacare with something “terrific.” But Trumpist populism is turning out to be entirely fake, a scam sold to working-class voters who are in for a rude awakening. Authoritarians with an animus against ethnic minorities are on the march across the Western world. They control governments in Hungary and Poland, and will soon take power in the United States. And they’re organizing across borders: Austria’s Freedom Party, founded by former Nazis, has signed an agreement with Russia’s ruling party — and met with Donald […] Read More →

Petra Kvitova thanks well-wishers for 'filling her house with flowers' on Christmas Day after awful knife attack

Sunday, December 25th, 2016:

Petra Kvitova shared a heartwarming Christmas tweet in response to being bombarded with flowers after being stabbed in the hand during a knife attack at her apartment. Following surgery, the two-time Wimbledon champion is able to move the fingers on her left hand, and she tweeted: ‘Sending love and kisses for a merry Christmas. Thank you for filling our house with flowers.’ The 26-year-old made her first public appearance on Friday at a press conference near Prague after being released from hospital.   Petra Kvitova sent a heartwarming tweet on Christmas Day, surrounded by flowers Petra Kvitova has made her first […] Read More →

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Roiling Foreign Policy Already

Sunday, December 25th, 2016:

Just three days before Christmas, his presidency still a month away from beginning, Donald Trump upended decades of foreign policy without leaving the private confines of his Florida estate. Unless he didn’t. There’s no real way to say what the president-elect meant to convey in terms of policy via his latest series of tweets. He isn’t saying, and his team isn’t helping interpret them in a meaningful way. But what’s already clear is that longstanding precedent that keeps a president-elect from interfering with the sitting president’s foreign policy has been shattered by Trump. He may also be reordering the way […] Read More →

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