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Day: December 3, 2016

Chilean regulator draws up environmental charges against SQM: reports

SANTIAGO Chile’s government has decided to draw up charges against lithium giant SQM for a series of alleged environmental violations that could result in fines of up to $22.2 million, Chilean media reported on Saturday. Chile’s SMA environmental regulator is accusing the company of extracting more brine than legally permitted at its SQM Salar Atacama […]

SIMON WATKINS: Much-vaunted aims of Brexit are being diluted

By Simon Watkins, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 16:52 EST, 3 December 2016 | Updated: 16:52 EST, 3 December 2016 Wrong turn: Brexit Secretary David Davis One by one, the much-vaunted aims of Brexit are being diluted. The core objectives were surely leaving the single market, scrapping our payments to the EU and controlling immigration. […]

Where to Buy Coffee Beans?

A coffee plant seed is called a coffee bean. The fruit which the plant bears is called a cherry and the bean is pit present in that fruit. There are usually two present in a fruit with their flat surfaces placed together. Although a small percentage of fruits contain a single bean in them. Those […]

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