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Ski Sun Peaks: resort guide

Monday, July 4th, 2016:

Sun Peaks has a friendly, attractive small village that has been developed since the mid-1990s. And a ski area expansion in the 2014/15 season means that Sun Peaks is now the second biggest ski area in Canada – only Whistler is bigger. But that doesn’t make it big by Alpine standards. The terrain is nicely varied but a keen skier could cover the groomed trails in a couple of days. We still suggest combining it with a stay at another resort such as Whistler. Until 1993 Sun Peaks was Tod Mountain, a local hill for the residents of nearby Kamloops. […] Read More →

'A thousand Saddams now'

Monday, July 4th, 2016:

Media captionWhat 2003’s Iraq invasion did to the country Almost 24 hours after the massacre of civilians in Baghdad by so-called Islamic State, young men were digging frantically through the basement of one of the shopping centres that was destroyed. They were looking for human remains. But all they found were some shoes and a pile of black ash. It was hot in the basement. The fire was still smouldering. Warm, scummy water dripped from the ceiling. Outside, hundreds of people had gathered. Being there was a form of defiance. In the Iraqi capital, any crowded, dark street is a […] Read More →

Internet piracy falls to record lows amid rise of Spotify and Netflix

Monday, July 4th, 2016:

Internet streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix have resulted in online piracy falling to its lowest rate in years, an official report claims. Research commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which is tasked with fighting copyright infringement, found that 15pc of internet users illegally accessed films, music and other material between March and May. This is down from 18pc a year ago and was the lowest recorded rate in the five years the study has been carried out.  Meanwhile, 44pc of internet users are using exclusively legal means, up from 39pc at the end of 2015. The remaining […] Read More →

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