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Southeast Asia steelmakers bid to emerge from China's shadow

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016:

HANOI/BANGKOK As a construction boom spurs steel demand across Southeast Asia, countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are challenging a flood of imports from China by retooling their steelmaking technology or imposing tariffs. U.S. and European steelmakers are leading complaints over alleged dumping, but cheap Chinese imports account for two thirds of steel consumed in many Southeast Asian countries. The region includes six of the top 10 buyers of Chinese steel, and capacity utilization in its own mills has slumped to less than 40 percent. While steel from China is expected to dominate for many years, swelling demand is […] Read More →

Two Brits ordered to leave France for "orchestrating" violent clashes between migrants and police in Calais 

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016:

After the hearing, both were handed notices from the local prefecture ordering them to leave France without delay due to ‘their behaviour and attitude towards the police” and the fact that they posed a “threat to public order’. Police on Monday accused representatives of No Borders, an organisation that seeks the end of border controls, of helping to organise the intrusion on the ring road. Mr Martin said he was against No Borders’ argument that “rock throwing is a legitimate means of defence”. Outside court, Mr Jones warned that if Britain voted to leave Europe on today’s (Thursday) referendum “will […] Read More →

Watch the intense movie-style trailer for NASA's Jupiter mission

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016:

NASA’s Juno spacecraft launched back in 2011 for a Star Trek-style five-year mission to Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter may also be the roughest, toughest planet around. The space agency released a movie-style trailer highlighting Jupiter’s many intimidating features and how challenging it will be for Juno to accomplish its mission to learn more about the planet’s origin and evolution. The trailer, released on Tuesday, features dramatic lines about the beast that is Jupiter: “It’s a monster. It’s unforgiving. It’s relentless.” The video is filled with the sort of music you might expect from a movie […] Read More →

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