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Los Angeles Sparks Surge With Candace Parker Back in Action

Monday, June 20th, 2016:

Photo The Sparks’ Candace Parker, center, has helped lead the team to an 11-0 record. The Sparks will face the Lynx (12-0) in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Credit Jessica Hill/Associated Press When the W.N.B.A. eliminated conference barriers from its playoff format this season, a common hypothesis was that the Minnesota Lynx and the Phoenix Mercury, the past two champions, would meet in the finals. The two teams battled in the Western Conference finals in four of the last five seasons, with the winner taking the championship each time. The Lynx have continued unfettered on their path to back-to-back titles and […] Read More →

Rebuking Trump, Biden warns against backsliding on democracy

Monday, June 20th, 2016:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Warning of a potential surge in anti-Americanism, Vice President Joe Biden tore into Donald Trump’s views on foreign policy on Monday, urging the country not to follow the presumptive Republican nominee down a path of isolationism and bigotry. Though Biden framed his speech to the Center for New American Security speech as advice for the next president, his remarks amounted to a point-by-point rebuttal of Trump on immigration, terrorism and relations with Russia. Biden cautioned against policies, embraced by Trump, that the vice president said would make the U.S. and its neighborhood poorer, less democratic and less […] Read More →

A Champion of Polaroid Yields to Digital

Monday, June 20th, 2016:

Over the last eight years, as cameras have become smaller and smaller — tiny enough to fit on a pair of glasses or inside a swallowable pill — John Reuter has been working to stave off extinction of one of the largest cameras ever made, so big and irredeemably analog that it feels, he says, “as if we’re pulling oil paintings out of the back of it.” The camera, the 20-inch-by-24-inch Polaroid, was born as a kind of industrial stunt. Five of the wooden behemoths, weighing more than 200 pounds each and sitting atop a quartet of gurney wheels, were […] Read More →

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