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North Dakotans Reconsider a Corporate Farming Ban, and Their Values

Sunday, June 12th, 2016:

The issue has sharply divided North Dakotans. On rural roads outside Bismarck, the capital, some fields and front yards are decorated with bright green signs declaring, “No to Corporate Farming.” Many people are suspicious of big business and eager to preserve the state’s long heritage of family-owned farms. Agriculture remains North Dakota’s dominant industry, with close to 30,000 family-operated farms and ranches. In 2012, North Dakota became the first state to enshrine the “right to farm” in its Constitution. “I think small towns and rural communities are at stake,” said State Representative Kenton Onstad, a Democrat and the minority leader. […] Read More →

Trading with N Korea

Sunday, June 12th, 2016:

For most business people, North Korea is the last country they would consider trading with. Its widely condemned nuclear programme means it’s under heavy sanctions, and there’s the potential for bad publicity because of its human rights record. But not all trade is under sanction, and a small group of Western businessmen have spotted an opportunity. Not only that, but they believe doing business is the best way to bring the regime around. You can watch This Week’s World every Saturday on BBC Two and BBC World News. Catch up with the latest episode on BBC iPlayer, or on YouTube […] Read More →

Gigs and festivals dial up £3.7bn live music market

Sunday, June 12th, 2016:

Andy Heath, the chairman of UK Music, which represents the interest of performers and record labels, said policymakers should create the “right conditions” for the industry to thrive.  It comes as the group is lobbying against cuts to BBC Music ahead of the broadcaster’s Royal Charter expiring at the end of the year. “Securing our future depends on the creation of optimum conditions to support young people to become musicians, songwriters, creative technicians and one of the 39,034 jobs in this report,” he said. The North West of England and London cashed in the most from live music. In the North West, visitors spent £967m at its […] Read More →

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