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Why Donald Trump is lying low

Sunday, April 10th, 2016:

After a series of unforced errors and controversies culminated in a bruising double-digit defeat in the Wisconsin primary last week, Trump has spent the days since his homecoming rally Wednesday night cloistered in Trump Tower huddling with aides, retooling his campaign operation and — most importantly — skirting controversy. In his only public outing between his Wednesday and Sunday rallies in New York, Trump hopped into his motorcade and went to the World Trade Center, where he visited the 9/11 museum. Despite a pack of reporters who trailed him to the site, Trump — who can rarely resist the glare […] Read More →

Republicans Hijack an Election Agency

Sunday, April 10th, 2016:

Photo Credit Victor Kerlow For 10 years, the Election Assistance Commission, the bipartisan federal agency created after the 2000 election debacle to help make voting easier and more standardized, has made it clear that prospective voters do not need to prove that they are American citizens before they may register. Anyone registering to vote with the federal voter-registration form, which can be used for both federal and state elections, must already sign a statement swearing that he or she is a citizen. Congress rejected a proposal to require documented proof as well, finding that the threat of criminal prosecution for […] Read More →

The filmmaker who swapped communism for Hollywood

Sunday, April 10th, 2016:

Image copyright Castel Film Image caption Vlad Paunescu was a filmmaker for the Romanian communist government In the maelstrom of the Romanian revolution, filmmaker Vlad Paunescu found himself appointed as minister of culture – for a few hours. Mr Paunescu, who today owns and runs Romania’s largest film studio, Castel Film, was a 37-year old-cinematographer living in the country’s capital Bucharest back in 1989. When the revolution broke out in December of that year, he picked up his camera and rushed to film the mass protests outside the vast palace of the parliament building, where the then communist government was […] Read More →

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