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Month: February 2016

It’s Stephen Curry’s Game Now

If you have somehow missed watching the Golden State Warriors this season, you might have a quaint notion of how basketball is played. You might believe, for instance, that 3-point shots are difficult. Or that players should generally avoid hoisting jumpers 35 feet from the basket. Or that, in the N.B.A., a team cannot clinch […]

2 women struck by snowmobile in Sheshatshiu hit and run

Police in Labrador are looking for the driver of a snowmobile that struck two pedestrians in front of a Sheshatshiu church on Friday. RCMP said they received a complaint around 7 p.m., that a collision happened in front of the Gospel Fellowship Church on McKenzie Drive. Police said two women were walking when they were hit by […]

Zika 'might cause' paralysis syndrome

Image copyright AP New research gives the first evidence that Zika virus might cause a severe neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome. The study was carried out using blood samples from 42 patients who became ill in a previous outbreak. The Lancet authors say they developed the neurological problems around six days after Zika infection. Leading […]

See's Candies comes to Foothill Ranch

See’s Candies will open a shop March 11 in Foothill Ranch. See’s candy is made from scratch without added preservatives. Stores typically carry more than 100 varieties of candy. The company was created in 1921 by Mary See. There are 200 See’s shops in the country. The Foothill Ranch shop is located at 26746 Portola […]

Apple Wins Round One in its Encryption Fight With the Government

A federal judge in New York ruled Monday that the government can’t use a 227-year-old law to compel Apple to unlock an iPhone that may contain information useful to a criminal investigation. The 1789 law, the All Writs Act, is also the cornerstone of the government’s argument in a related case in San Bernardino, California, […]

Looking at Wagner's 'Ring' From Bayreuth

Feb. 29, 2016 5:53 p.m. ET New York It is more than 20 years since I made my way down a long row of packed seats in the hallowed amphitheater. When the doors slammed decisively shut (were they then bolted as mischievous legend had it?) the silence was palpable, unsullied by any whir of air […]

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