15 bodies recovered, 118 missing in China landslide, state news reports

At least 15 bodies have been recovered from the rubble of a landslide in southwestern China, state news outlets reported, citing emergency officials.

CCTV also says 118 people were missing in the disaster, which occurred in Sichuan province.

About 1,000 rescue workers using life-detection equipment hustled through the night to locate survivors. Dozens of homes were buried.

Heavy rainfall is thought to be a possible cause of the accident, according to the provincial government’s Land and Resources Department.

“Authorities must make maximum efforts to reduce casualties and prevent secondary disasters,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said, calling in an official statement for “all-out efforts” to save those who were buried.

Authorities launched the highest level of disaster response. Relatives of the missing and those suffering losses in the disaster will be given appropriate care, Xi said.

The landslide occurred at 6 a.m. local time Saturday in Xinmo village in Mao County, Aba Prefecture, CCTV said.

A smaller, second landslide caused huge rocks to fall onto the village, which made it more difficult for heavy machinery to get to the scene, police team leader Wang Yongbo told CCTV.

‘My heart feels uncomfortable’

Earlier, a family of three was pulled alive from the rubble on Saturday, the Mao County government said on its official Weibo page. The couple and their baby were being treated at the Mao County People’s Hospital, the post said.

Qiao Dashuai, whose infant is just 1 month old, said he heard a loud sound and tried to close the door to his house against the wind, he told CCTV.

“I ran outside and felt this strong wind and saw water rushing towards us,” he said. “A rock fell into our living room. We slowly crawled out while holding our baby and escaped. People from a neighboring village gave the baby a bath, and looked for clothes for us and the baby. As we went to the crossroads, we saw an ambulance. The ambulance sent us to Mao County…

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