12 Stray Cats Adopt Californias’ Cat Whisperer, Avi Fogel, Just In Time For Christmas

Avi Fogel

For now, the hidden kitty sanctuary will remain a secret, only known by those who the cats decide to bring into their home, and into their family.

It’s that magical time of year, where true miracles are taking place all over. So what could be more fulfilling than a beautifully gift wrapped present with your name on it, under the tree or beside your menorah this year?

Well, how about a dozen stray cats adopting a big-hearted man from California.

“I felt an immediate connection between us” says California native, Avi Fogel, describing his first meeting with a large black-and-white cat he has affectionately nicknamed “Boss Cat”. “At first it was just Boss Cat that revealed himself, but each day after, I would notice more kitties within the brush and foliage. Every day I visited, new cats would reveal themselves- Pumpkin, Ellen Degeneres, Butterscotch, Raisin, Tom Selleck, Coco, Simba and the rest. Might have had something to do with the adorable kitties letting their friends know that I was there with not just loving back rubs, but also wet food and much needed TLC.’’

As the days passed, curiosity and trust between human and the family of twelve stray cats in this secret kitty sanctuary, began to grow.

“When I’m spending time with the little ones, and they hear other people pass by on the trail, they tend to hide themselves in the brush. They seem particular about who they interact with.” he explains, as he continues to lovingly describe more about the kitty family that has adopted him.

Having become more comfortable with their new human friend, they led him off the beaten path, deeper into the foliage, and allowing him entrance into their secret cat sanctuary. “They had really claimed this area. Playing, sleeping, hiding in particular spots. It was like a Jim Henson movie or something Disney would make into an animated film. I could even see the hierarchy between them. Tom Selleck (named because of a mustache like profile) would always be close by to Raisin, a little black kitty, while Ellen would seem to always have something to say, and is filled with happy energy, almost dancing when that magical sound of the wet food is being opened.” he says.

“I could tell some…

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