11-year-old discusses writing Trump about mowing the Rose Garden Lawn Video

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Transcript for 11-year-old discusses writing Trump about mowing the Rose Garden Lawn

Hey everyone I’m Jordan I’ll sleep ABC news and coming to see if there friend the White House went eleven year old frank good Jesse mellowed with a one of them are and great thanks so much Purdue yes. Sounds. A little bit about. Why we’re here at the White House today what happened. Snow. Remains active rooms during the plaque hanging mood. Behind me is Bree numbers. And. Okay Sally you wrote a letter to the president. A while ago you said you wanted to know outline you you actually at 81 knowing any. Tell us a little bit about that your little entrepreneur as well. Important business store. So. And to us. I. I mean some feeling of condoning and can he do it right now by and not my. Every answer okay sell it back half customers are people that you just do it. OK so you’re pretty big. I. And you normally charged pet him outline. OK and what’d you won’t charge that president today. You did it for free. So you get this idea are right the president and act to malice line. Well that’s not my fitness. That is still not great common. I think. Back to you are active. About then ended here thing with bill lane. Plans. Bank. It now might gagging. Seen in at the plant like exactly what me worry. First. Is doing might he said. Rain back and neck snapping. They have Elaine. Telling this to build your business why did he wanted to know the president’s mind. Well prayer and hopefully someone. Relative asked. Me panic your eyes underneath. He can’t and and eight net and I can’t think. In the air and let go find. So different today actually depicting president yet to dreams come true once he got him out of line and at present yes. What. Well nothing really cool with me because the brother that very can view it from inside the Oval Office nine. Me. Like tents and other people rightward at the White House. Get breaking news you get get blown. Self important. So I watched the end of going on that and it came up and ice you know what I was very accent. Alex. And it’s I tended. Yes not hundred saint king. He spoke to let down. And then. Not do enough finance. Newington Oval Office and it kept online. They say get that Oval Office that I can. Yes….

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