11 oddly specific music genres you didn’t know existed

The internet has made it possible for people around the world to bond over music from all times and all places. But it’s also made it possible for a few more unusual genres to gain notoriety. Here are 11 that are weird enough to deserve special notice:

1. Medieval folk rock

Medieval folk rock incorporates samples of renaissance and baroque music into traditional rock and uses few or no electronic instruments. The genre developed in Western Europe in the 1970s as a subset of progressive rock.

Medieval folk rock songs to check out:

“Opening Move” by Gryphon

“Celestial Night” by Amazing Blondel

“Abracadabra” by Mägo de Oz

2. Horror country

Country music is often written off as a vehicle for complaining about failed relationships, lukewarm beer and slow tractors, but horror country takes the genre to new levels. It uses country instrumentation, but discusses darker topics — often things like ghosts, demons or corpses. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a horror movie involving ranchers and farming.

Horror country songs to check out:

“The Tardy Hearse” by The Pine Box Boys

“Shady Grove” by Jayke Orvis

“The Doomsday Cult Blues” by Graveyard Train

3. Math rock

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