10 Reasons to Include Salads


There is evidence that we do not consume even half of the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, at least 400 grams per day, or whatever it is, three to five servings a day. To meet these recommendations can help salads, especially in summer.


They are very easy to prepare, and its high water content and other essential nutrients for our body, they quench our hunger and thirst in an appetizing and help keep the skin well nourished and hydrated.


Ten reasons to include salads on the menu every day


Hydrate and refresh. Over 90% of the composition of vegetables, salads base is water. Eating salad is a quick and easy way to hydrate the body on hot days.


Dan vitality. The vegetables are excellent source of vitamins that regulate many body processes, such as the functioning of the nervous system.


Cleanse the body. The action cleansing, detoxifying and diuretic salads due to the high water content, the rich in potassium, low sodium intake of vegetables that compose them, and to the presence of essential oils dilate renal vessels. So eating salads every day helps to remove excess liquid and is beneficial in case of hypertension, fluid retention and oliguria (low urine output). By increasing urine production are removed, in addition to liquids, dissolved waste substances such as uric acid, urea, etc.., And therefore agree salads if hyperuricemia and gout, rheumatism, joint conditions or different and people with a tendency to form kidney stones. More diuretics vegetables: celery, asparagus, escarole, endive, onion …


Protect the skin. The sun’s rays are the main aggressors for the skin and one of the causes of aging and the development of melanomas. Through various salads bring essential nutrients to keep skin in perfect condition. The brightly colored vegetables (carrots, beets, peppers, tomatoes, red cabbage, red lollo lettuce …) provide beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A, which renews the skin and mucous membranes and vitamin C, which enhances the production of collagen , a protein that keeps skin smooth and unwrinkled. If accompanied by avocado or nuts and seasoned with olive oil and wheat germ, enriched salad in unsaturated fatty acids, essential to keep skin hydrated structured, and vitamin E, which prevents the appearance of spots of aging.


Regulate bowel function. Because of the richness in fiber from vegetables, a salad is a laxative, so you can prevent or improve constipation. In addition, fiber helps…

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