The Florida Gators scored their first offensive touchdown of the season on a Hail Mary to defeat the Tennessee Volunteers 26-20.

1. Clemson is the best team in the country. Again: With all due respect to Alabama, it’s time to start giving Dabo Swinney’s team the same benefit of the doubt afforded to the Tide. Clemson’s defense is better than Alabama’s right now, and it’s quite possible they also have the better quarterback in Kelly Bryant, who is a better passer than Jalen Hurts at this point in his career. Going into Saturday’s game, you could have made a compelling case for Clemson stubbing its toe at Louisville. Maybe Lamar Jackson would put on his Superman cape. Maybe Bryant would struggle in his first road game. Maybe playing top-15 teams in consecutive weeks would be too much of a challenge at this point in the season. Then the game started and … nope. Clemson was dominant in every phase of a 47-21 victory, holding Jackson to 64 rushing yards while many of his 317 passing yards came in garbage time. Meanwhile, Clemson’s still-developing offense ran for 297 yards on 48 carries and Bryant had a terrific night, completing 22-of-36 passes for 316 yards and a touchdown. The Tigers look great right now, and as long as their defense stays healthy, it’s hard to imagine too many teams being able to score on them consistently. 

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2. Texas is kinda back. Maybe: Even though they lost to USC 27-24 in double overtime, the Longhorns looked great. They looked like they belonged. Their defense was outstanding. And if not for Sam Darnold going 52 yards in 45 seconds (with no timeouts) to get into field goal range at the end of regulation, Texas would have left Los Angeles with a monster win. But is this a real “Texas is back” moment or simply Tom Herman getting his team sky high for big games, as he did constantly at Houston? The Longhorns are only a couple weeks removed from getting beat 51-41 by Maryland, but they looked like a completely different team Saturday. We’ll see going forward, but this seemed like a legitimately good sign for Texas. It’s not as good as USC and it played above its heads Saturday but freshman quarterback Sam Ehlinger showed a lot of…