10 Christmas Presents For Book Lovers

Holiday shopping isn’t easy, especially if your loved one is a reader. What haven’t they read? What do they like to read? Can you trust the reviews? Step outside the box and consider a literary-inspired Christmas present. Book lovers will definitely enjoy the thought behind these gifts.

Bubble Bath and Mug Set — Some people love reading while taking a bubble bath or while enjoying a cup of tea, and this set lets them do both. The Bookish Shop has a cute set that is covered with Jane Austen quotes for $14.

Reading Journal — If you know someone who tells you how silly they felt upon realizing they bought a book they already read, this is the holiday gift for them. Amazon has a journal for $6.49 that also offers readers checklists from several genres. The low price makes it a great gift if you’re shopping for all the book club members. 

Subscription Box Book of the Month’s box includes a new book every month, but you don’t have to guess what your loved one wants to read. They get to choose from five books options each month or they can skip the month if they’re too busy. Also, Book of the Month is offering a free month of membership to anyone who purchases a gift subscription for someone else. Plans start at $44.99 for a three-month subscription.

The Book of the Month subscription box is one of many gifts that readers would love to see under the Christmas tree. Photo: Courtesy of Book of the Month

Book Platter — Is your book lover also playing host for every social gathering? This platter from Bas Bleau is shaped like a book and looks perfect for everything from cheese and crackers to Christmas cookies. The porcelain dish is $29.99.

PinsOut of Print has cute enamel pin sets for $18 that allow book lovers to wear their favorite titles on their sleeve. “Where the Wild Things Are,” Edgar Allen Poe and even just basic library card pins are available.

Ornament — A book-themed ornament for the Christmas tree is a perfect stocking stuffer. Hallmark has one that reads “Escape reality one book at a time,” for $9.99.

“Alice in Wonderland” Pillow Cover — Everyone needs a soft place to rest while reading. Storiarts’ pillowcase ($42) shows a mouse climbing up a stack of teacups on one side while the White Rabbit holds a pocket watch on the other.

“Alice in Wonderland” fans will love to cuddle up with a good book and this fun pillowcase. Photo: Courtesy of Storiarts

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