10-4 Systems and Riskpulse Deliver Risk Intelligence to the Digital Supply Chain

Live Screen Shot: Riskpulse & 10-4 Technology, September 12, 2017

“We share a mutual commitment to solving supply chain and logistics challenges for transportation leaders and it is gratifying to see our analytics capabilities and market reach expanded by partnering with the clear leader in supply chain visibility.” Matt Wensing, CEO, Riskpulse

10-4 Systems, a leading global supply chain visibility provider, announces today the availability of real-time, predictive risk analytics from Austin-based Riskpulse. 10-4 Systems is the only supply chain visibility solution with an exclusive partnership to display Riskpulse’s predictive analytics within their visibility platform, an integration that helps companies balance cost and risk in an increasingly competitive supply chain environment.

Current users of 10-4’s real-time visibility platform are able to achieve visibility into their shipments via dynamic ETAs, geo-fencing, SKU and product level detail, and custom notifications. The addition of risk analysis from Riskpulse will now enable these organizations to visualize shipment risk on the map and know the environmental threats posed to shipments with a cargo-specific risk score up to 10 days in advance. These same users will now have the context-relevant insights needed to proactively mitigate risks to shipments by adjusting shipment timing, routes, equipment, or even modes before cargo is loaded.

Riskpulse is the only predictive analytics solution on the market today that mines value from every layer of environmental and supply chain data to provide recommendations for operational logistics at scale. By aggregating and filtering through an immense amount of global climate, weather, and hazard data, Riskpulse quantifies and standardizes organizations’ understanding of risk across their transportation networks. Organizations can then better manage the increased complexity of the shipment lifecycle, generate greater transparency to operational risks, and avoid losses caused by natural, social, or infrastructure-driven disasters. Now integrated into 10-4’s information platform, decision-making can evolve from reactive to proactive and help transportation teams save millions by avoiding cargo…

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