​This week on “Sunday Morning” (Aug. 6): The Money Issue

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Our annual “Money Issue” digs into the world of money — the various ways people generate income, how they save or spend it, and how technology and social media are changing our economy. CBS News Financial Contributor Mellody Hobson anchors this special edition of “Sunday Morning,” portions of which were originally broadcast on April 9, 2017.

CBS News

COVER STORY: When the robots take over, will there be jobs left for us? | Watch Video
As autonomous machines become cheaper and computers smarter, David Pogue of Yahoo Finance explores the ramifications for human employment in a post-robot economy.

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Getting to the point with rewards cards | Watch Video
Accruing points or miles can save clever shoppers thousands of dollars on travel, but experts warn there are hazards. Anna Werner reports.

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Susan Spencer explores three unusual business models.

TRIPTYCH #1: Something silly | Watch Video
It’s not your grandfather’s Silly Putty; Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty comes in a variety of colors, and can even be magnetized.

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Many happy returns | Watch Video
Some retailers and online shopping sites have very liberal return policies — even taking back merchandise they can’t sell again — in order to satisfy their customers. Tracy Smith examines why companies’ return policies count on psychology to make them pay off.

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A baby covered in peanut butter, Chewbacca Mon, and Pizza Rat – all international celebrities thanks to viral video.

Jukin Media

SOCIAL MEDIA: Turning viral videos into money machines | Watch Video
Jukin Media markets the wild, funny and absurd moments captured on video, making international stars of Chewbacca Mom and Pizza Rat. Barry Petersen reports.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: “Pizza Rat” videographer on going viral
Aspiring actor and comedian Matt Little talks with correspondent Barry Petersen about how he captured a quintessential New York City scene – a rat dragging a whole slice of pizza down the stairs of a subway station – that became…

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